“Two-thirds of American adults (66%) say they believe the biblical accounts of the physical resurrection of Jesus are completely accurate”

"The truthfulness of the resurrection is not as controversial today as many Christians may assume. The bigger issue, however, may be helping Americans recognize the relevance of Jesus rising from the dead." - LifeWay

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Thought this was interesting. It's interesting too to see the disparity between the 18-34 age group with those older than them. I was surprised to see that the local United Methodist Church had a pretty explicit statement of Christ's physical resurrection on their page. I always thought that was passé in UMC churches. 

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I grew up Methodist, and still attend my grandmother's UMC church periodically.  In the big cities and university towns, they tend to be theologically very liberal.  In the suburbs, they're in between, and in small towns and rural areas, they're generally fairly evangelical in doctrine.  This is the basic divide--bishops and universities and cities versus the small town and rural churches--that animates their debates on sexuality and such as well.  First time I heard part of the Gospel was in a UMC church, in fact.

But that noted, there is a difference between intellectual assent to facts of the Gospel and living it out, no?  I think our country would be very different if that were not so in many ways, starting with the basic acceptance of things like abortion.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Thanks for the info Bert.  Yeah I did notice they said they were moderate on abortion. They gave allowances for the health of the mother but I'm not sure if anything else.