On Deconversion

"Is it possible that we have a generation of people who grew up in Christian homes and made a 'decision' that you’d have to be an idiot to say no to, but have never felt the convicting work of the Holy Spirit and the drawing (and keeping) power of the Father, the covenant-keeping God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?" - Olinger

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Before I watched the video of Sara you posted I wrote down three things that got her in trouble. I wrote "taught that God loves everybody," "sex," and "boyfriend."

I hit 100%.

Sex can be two different things that I have seen. The average one is having it with people, Here, Sara had the second one, turning "purity" into an idol and the perfection of everything. Its not her fault alone.

In the end, the reason is people do not know God. They just know rules.

The thing she never develops enough is her "problem of evil" issue. I suspect there is a lot there. The teaching that "God loves everyone and has a purpose for their life" is a dangerous one. We have to be careful teaching it.