Love God and Health-Care Workers by Taking COVID-19 Seriously

“If hospitals are already suffering under the strain, what do you think is going to happen in a couple of weeks when the record-breaking number of cases from last week (and, undoubtedly, the coming weeks) begins to translate into patients needing hospitalization?” - J. Ellis


I am keen on taking it seriously, but it sure would help if the same government leaders who are shutting everything down would start taking it seriously themselves. They’re getting to be almost as bad as the climatologists for hypocrisy as they go to their soirees at places like the “French Laundry” while failing to figure out that maybe, just maybe, you don’t want to house COVID patients at nursing homes.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

Saw a tweet just the other day from an influential leader echoing (again) the idea that all this fuss and bother is way out of line for something with a .02 % death rate.

First, that rate is off.

Second, the rate now isn’t the same as the rate in March.

Third, that rate doesn’t look at all at the number of people who spend weeks in the hospital in the process of surviving (or who are at home but still “not right” long after leaving the hospital).

Fourth, that rate is never going to include the numbers of people who suffer and/or die due to inability to get care for non-COVID related illnesses and injuries—because (a) hospitals are swamped with COVID patients, and (b) medical personnel are getting sitting sick, quitting, etc. because of the strain they’ve been under for so long.

And it might be about to get dramatically worse over the month or so.

Two very sobering articles in Becker’s Hospital Review:

5. 1,000 Cleveland Clinic workers sidelined due to COVID-19 Full story

6. UW Health’s open letter to residents: ‘We are, quite simply, out of time’ Full story

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Now that’s all three campii—Rochester, Jacksonville, and Tempe—but 3% of people currently infected is hitting some areas hard.

And I’ve got to admit that the cynical side of me almost hopes that the French Laundry event was a superspreader….

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.