Christian, Please Wear a Face Mask: Part 1

"'Wearing a mask is for smug liberals. Refusing to is for reckless Republicans.' If only things were that simple; if only we could laugh off the debate as hyperbolic virtue signaling from both sides. Most likely by the time you read this, though, we will have tragically raced past the 100,000 mark in this country’s fatality count." - John Ellis

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Wearing a mask is not giving into tyranny and fear

"What makes all of this even dumber is that all the federal government has done is recommend mask-wearing. Most of the places that require masks are private businesses. Admittedly, some are adhering to local public health guidelines, but so what? Why aren’t these rebels going shirtless and shoeless into restaurants to stick it to the man and his Maoist 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service' signs?" - The Dispatch

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Neurologist Writes to Praise Unsung Heroes

"I’ve found it useful to reflect on hospital experiences through writing, with particular focus on the quiet individuals working alongside physicians and nurses during this time, including patient transport staff, environmental services staff, and dining services staff. They are unsung heroes, in my opinion, important components of any hospital operation." - BJU Today

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Prayer vs. Science: How Mike Pence and Queen Victoria both started intellectual debates over these avenues of healing.

"These are just some examples of recent 'prayer shaming,' a term describing the ridicule toward people who offer their 'thoughts and prayers' for victims of tragedies. But they are also part of an old debate about the conflict between religion and science. A similar controversy raged on both sides of the Atlantic during the second half of the 19th century." - CToday

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