Is Global Warming for Real?

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Virtually the whole of what the so-called main-stream media (including taxpayer-subsidized PBS and NPR) spew out regarding alleged man-caused global warming is propaganda of the most blatant sort, regularly dishonest, scientifically inaccurate, purposefully slanted and grossly exaggerated. Virtually the whole of the mainstream media—TV networks, newspapers and other print media, and the film industry—has sold its soul to spout the most extreme claims of the rabid environmentalists without qualification or caveat. We are assured that “the science is settled,” “the discussion is over,” “there is complete scientific consensus,” and “now is the time to get on board and act.”

We are fed the line (and lie) that …

1. that global warming is a demonstrable, indisputable fact;

2. that it is caused by the rising level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;

3. that this rise is directly and only traceable to human activity (namely, burning coal and oil and gas);

4. that recent spikes in carbon dioxide concentrations (and warming) are severe and unprecedented;

5. that the consequences will be catastrophic;

6. that the tipping point of irreversible damage is almost here; and

7. that the United States is the worst offender and deserves to be industrially, economically and politically crippled by oppressive international regulation to make America pay for what it has done to the rest of the world. (The claim by Al Gore and other true believer global warmers that the science is settled and the consensus is in, is really an attempt to stifle debate by intimidation rather than a presentation of the scientific evidence. This is remarkably like attempts by evolutionist true believers to prevent any classroom discussion of evidence against evolution or for intelligent design. Indoctrination, not investigation, is the goal of both). 

The truth is, both CO2 concentrations and global temperatures have been demonstrably higher in the near and distant past when man was burning zero fossil fuel and in no way adding to the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere. Oscillations in global temperatures and ice packs, hurricane frequency and intensity, etc., are part of natural earth cycles stretching back millennia. Of so-called greenhouse gases, CO2 is among the least important. The largest contributor to global warming is water vapor, with methane, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and others coming in far ahead of CO2 in their capacity to trap solar heat in the atmosphere (and without which, earth’s surface would freeze rock hard every night, and grow boiling hot during daylight hours, making life absolutely impossible).

The fabricated global warming panic is a small part of the larger green or environmentalist movement that, among other things, favors forced birth control to reduce the global population to sustainable levels—somewhere around a billion or less, meaning, to them, that the vast majority of people on earth need to die and get out of the way so that the rest (them, not you) can live more comfortably in a sustainable fashion. It is no surprise that not a few environmental extremists view disease—plague, small pox, pandemics of influenza, and such—as a positive good, since these will effectively thin the human herd of surplus animals—uh, people. The very thought of a recurrence of the medieval black death makes one almost giddy with delight!

Environmentalism’s stock in trade is extremist statements designed to generate emotion-driven panic, rather than rational, reasoned evaluation and debate. The most preposterous and unsubstantiated claims are made—runaway atmospheric heating, rapidly rising oceans, mass extinctions, massive killer hurricanes, worldwide famine, all caused by humans in automobiles and air-conditioned homes. All such fabrications are intended to stampede the unthinking human herd into voluntarily surrendering personal sovereignty to a ruling elite. In Soviet Russia, they called these people Bolsheviks.

It is no coincidence that since its beginning Earth Day has been celebrated on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the first totalitarian dictator of communist Russia (by the way,

Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them
by Steve Milloy.
Regnery Publishing, 2009.
Image of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)
by Christopher C. Horner
Regnery Publishing 2007
Paperback 366
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)
by Christopher C. Horner.
Regnery Publishing, 2007.

the prevailing theme of the first Earth Day in 1970 was global cooling). In truth, environmentalism is just one more adopted means toward the goal of totalitarian control of mankind by a self-appointed, self-important, and self-righteous elite, who arrogantly believe that they know far better than we do how to run our lives (though they themselves need not be, and certainly will not be, subject to the same restrictions and controls). That is why they are so willing to seize control of the environment, the economy, indeed all human activity.

The litany of proposed actions to save the environment from mankind is all smoke and mirrors. The Kyoto Treaty, for example (which Clinton signed but the Senate wisely refused to ratify), would have placed severe, economy-crippling restrictions on the U. S. and carbon dioxide generation here, while doing absolutely nothing to constrain carbon emissions by India and China, the two largest industrial polluters on the planet. And while the U. S. has refused (so far) to subject itself to the dictates of Kyoto, Europe, in theory has submitted. Result? The U.S., with a healthy, growing economy over the past decade, has had virtually no rise in carbon emissions while economically stagnant Europe has seen large increases in CO2 output. Furthermore, North America, in stark contrast to Europe, actually absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere through its farms, forests and parks than it generates in burning fossil fuels.

The positive side of global warming, were it to actually happen, are ignored by the greens: longer growing seasons for crops, larger habitable zones (as arctic ice recedes), increased rainfall. To say nothing of higher CO2 levels as an effective stimulant to plant growth.

The hypocrisy of the global greens is breathtaking. They claim CO2 levels are the greatest clear and present danger to the planet, yet they are adamantly opposed to the U.S. (but apparently no one else, including Iran) expanding the use of nuclear power to generate electricity, though it generates zero CO2. They oppose the expansion of hydroelectric dams, though they generate no CO2, and while supporting wind generation of electricity in theory, they oppose the construction of wind generators if these generators affect the view from their Hyannis Port estates! They even oppose the creation of plantation forests to capture CO2! This opposition defies explanation.

The World Wildlife Fund and other environmentalist groups regularly sponsor expensive junkets (with massive carbon footprints) to exotic places for their biggest financial contributors, jetting them to the far reaches of the globe for some quality time with nature.

Both of these books are filled with information, with accompanying scientific documentation, about the real state of the environment, the real motives of the environmentalists, and the real consequences to the environment (ineffective) and to the economy (devastating) if the environmentalist agenda is implemented. The environmentalist extremes are poised to take away our life, liberty, and property, if we are foolish enough to let them.

Doug KutilekDoug Kutilek is the editor of, a website dedicated to exposing and refuting the many errors of KJVOism and has been researching and writing in the area of Bible texts and versions for more than 35 years. He has a B.A. in Bible from Baptist Bible College (Springfield, Mo.), an M.A. in Hebrew Bible from Hebrew Union College (Cincinnati; and completed all requirements for a Ph.D. except the dissertation); and a Th.M. in Bible exposition from Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Plymouth, Minn.). His writings have appeared in numerous publications including The Biblical Evangelist, The Baptist Bible Tribune, The Baptist Preacher’s Journal, Frontline, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society and The Wichita Eagle. The father of four grown children and four granddaughters, he resides with his wife Naomi near Wichita, Kansas.


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Aaron Blumer's picture


I do think some of the facts Doug cites here need some closer scrutiny, but I think he--and the sources he's cited--are mostly right. The movement is driven mostly by a combination of liberal social agenda, groupthink and mass hysteria.

Mike Harding's picture


I appreciate so much what you have written. I am forwarding to many people.

Pastor Mike Harding

Jack's picture

Maybe I'm a bit woozy from seeing the violent bludgeoning above of a defenseless straw man, but I really don't get this article. It paints all environmentalists with the most extreme claims of all other environmentalists. Also, what gives the author such confidence that he can discern which scientific claims are superior?

I suggest that it's easy to adopt a view on this issue that simply confirms our views on other issues (e.g., capitalism is bad - it must be destroying the environment; capitalism is good - it couldn't possibly harm the environment).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go prepare for the birthday party I'm throwing Lenin next year on my Hyannis Port estate with all my Bolshevik friends. Oh, and then after lunch, it's on to stirring up panic and cheering on pandemics. Not to mention this weekend's lavish WWF junket to some remote corner of the world where I can force birth control on people. *rolls eyes*

John Benzing's picture

Jack wrote:
Not to mention this weekend's lavish WWF junket to some remote corner of the world where I can force birth control on people. *rolls eyes*

What does the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) have to do with global warming?

Aaron Blumer's picture


Doug is pretty much distilling here what he's gained from the books he refers to. I'd suggest reading them before dismissing what he has to say.

As far as I'm concerned, the burden of proof remains immense for anyone who wants to assert that he a) knows what's happening to the worlds climate and b) knows what will happen in the future based on climate data that only goes back--what a couple centuries at best (and gets spottier as you go back)?

One question I hear often on one of our local radio stations... what is the temperature supposed to be? Until we have enough data to know what the global temp. really ought to be, how we can form policies and roll back whole industries on the conviction that the temp is wrong?

No, you don't have to be a genius to sense that something is really rotten in the whole climate change fad.

Aaron Blumer's picture


Jack wrote:
(e.g., capitalism is bad - it must be destroying the environment; capitalism is good - it couldn't possibly harm the environment).

Jack, it's a bit ironic to see a complaint about straw men and a statement like that in the same post. I don't I know anybody who's saying that.

Jack wrote:
Also, what gives the author such confidence that he can discern which scientific claims are superior?

We pretty much all have to do that to form any opinion on the subject... and you seem to have an opinion. So I'm guessing you've decided which claims are superior?

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