Concerning Global Warming and the Environment: FBFI Resolution 06-04

FBFI 2006 Annual ConferenceNOTE: The following standing resolution was presented at the 86th Annual Fellowship of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International on June 13, 2006, at Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco, California.

Fundamentalists have always believed that we must apply the principles of Scripture to all areas of life. This would include applying Biblical principles to the stewardship of the planet on which dwell. We urge all Fundamentalists to teach and model clear Biblical ethics that include:

  • Biblical principles of stewardship–recognizing that this world belongs to God and not us.
  • Principles of love for God and our fellow man—recognizing that we do not have the right to dishonor God by wantonly destroying what belongs to Him or abuse our neighbor for the sake of our own personal comfort.
  • Principles of wise planning—looking into the future and considering the consequences of our actions.
  • Principles of truth—setting aside the political and emotional rhetoric in order to understand what is true and make right choices.

We urge Fundamentalists to avoid getting swept up in the emotional, political, and often sensational debate concerning the issue of global warming but rather to apply clear Biblical principles to all areas of everyday life for the glory of God. We believe it is unwise and irresponsible to take one side or the other in the scientific debate surrounding this issue, and, therefore, the FBFI refuses to do so.

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