John 14:1-3 and the Rapture (Part 3)

By TylerR

In Part 2 of this series, we presented four options for understanding what Jesus meant at John 14:1-3:

We also suggested a grading scale for evaluating these options:

Grade A: Explicit teaching. Grade B: Implicit teaching. Grade C: A principal or logical conclusion—an inference. Grade D: A guess or speculation. Grade E: Poor or non-existent support.

Now, let’s look at Option 1:

Option 1 can only be maintained by heavily freighting John’s words with presuppositions from elsewhere.…

‘Glory in the Church’

By Paul J. Scharf

One of the greatest privileges that I enjoy as a church ministries representative for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry is that I get to preach in—and be in—lots of churches.

For the most part, these churches are quite similar in terms of their understanding and interpretation of Biblical truth and, of course, they find common ground with our ministry when it comes to the core issue of the importance of God’s plan for Israel.

Often, of course, these churches have different backgrounds, traditions, practices, standards, convictions—sometimes even distinct doctrinal…

Are We Doing Church Wrong?

By DOlinger


Why do you go to church?

Because it’s Sunday, and that’s what we do on Sundays?

Or maybe because you need something to hang onto if you’re going to make it through another week? A Bible verse, a thought from a sermon, an encouraging line in a song?

I’d like to suggest that you may be doing it wrong. Bear with me here.

Let’s get back to the beginning. God has graciously gathered his people into a body he calls the Church.

Why did he pick that name?

Church. In the language of the New Testament, it means “gathering” or “assembly…