The Coming Transformation of Israel

By Paul J. Scharf

There will be a great spiritual transformation of Israel before Christ’s final return.

Those before us in Dispensational Theology developed the scriptural conviction that the people of Israel will one day be saved as a nation in their Promised Land. Dispensationalists taught this boldly—as was the case when The Friends of Israel was born in 1938, even before the modern State of Israel existed.

But this clear, biblical teaching has fallen on hard times, and many are conflicted.

Some reason that modern Israel simply cannot be the people that God promises to bring back to…

The Faculty of Impromptu Speech, Part 5

By Guest

From Lectures to My Students: A Selection from Addresses Delivered to the Students of The Pastors’ College, Metropolitan Tabernacle

First Series, Lecture X
By C.H. Spurgeon

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The acquisition of another language affords a fine drilling for the practice of extempore speech.

Brought into connection with the roots of words, and the rules of speech, and being compelled to note the differentia of the two languages, a man…

An Example of How One Church Trains Its Elders

By Micah Colbert

Leadership development is one of those things that churches love to talk about but rarely seem to do. Pastors and churches need to prayerfully consider how they might assess and train men for ministry for the furtherance of the gospel. Over the past three years, our church has made significant strides by God’s grace in proactively identifying, developing, and deploying men for various ministries within our church. This year, we’ve endeavored to be more intentional about specifically training men for…