"Americans' moral values are skewed to focus less on their obligations and responsibilities and more on their 'supposed rights and privileges.'"

“…more respondents found cloning animals immoral [62 % ] than doctor assisted suicide [48 % ]. A narrow 45 percent of Americans believe assisted suicide is morally acceptable. Cloning of animals also outweighed the moral importance of embryonic stem cell research [30% found it immoral ], fornication [36 % ], gambling [31 % ] and divorce [23 % ].”
Americans Rank Top Immoral ‘Sins’ in New Poll

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Canada: "The doctors have argued that they don't require consent to remove medical treatment"

HassanRisouli’s “physician-wife, who holds his power of attorney, does not want feeding and hydration tubes and a ventilator removed from her husband. Doctors, however, want otherwise — and Risouli’s wife has refused consent prompting a court battle.”
Physicians argue for right to kill

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"...a 'savior sibling' conceived through in vitro fertilization for the purpose of providing a treatment for his siblings"

“To conceive a child to use him— even if it is to cure— is not respectful of his dignity.”
“Such utilitarianism is always a regression.”
French bishops lament IVF ‘savior sibling’

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