Canada: "The doctors have argued that they don't require consent to remove medical treatment"

HassanRisouli’s “physician-wife, who holds his power of attorney, does not want feeding and hydration tubes and a ventilator removed from her husband. Doctors, however, want otherwise — and Risouli’s wife has refused consent prompting a court battle.”
Physicians argue for right to kill

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"...a 'savior sibling' conceived through in vitro fertilization for the purpose of providing a treatment for his siblings"

“To conceive a child to use him— even if it is to cure— is not respectful of his dignity.”
“Such utilitarianism is always a regression.”
French bishops lament IVF ‘savior sibling’

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Here come the engineered life forms

“Synthetic biology uses genetic engineering and other techniques to create novel organisms tailored for particular tasks. The idea is that by synthesizing DNA and by combining standard genetic building blocks, engineers can efficiently design a biological machine much as they might design a bridge or computer chip.”
U.S. Bioethics Commission Gives Green Light to Synthetic Biology

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