Wycliffe Associates develops technology to protect Bible translations in remote regions

"Each kit, worth $2,500, provides access to all the Bible translation software a language group needs, along with a built-in satellite internet connection. When one language group receives a BTAK and translates the Scriptures into their own heart language, they pass along what they’ve learned to other language groups in their region, according to Wycliffe." - C.Post

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6 Ways to Equip Your Church to “Do Good” on Social Media

"Most pastors have several moments each week when they shake their heads in sorrow at something they’ve seen a church member post on social media. The last year—in which churchgoers spent less time in face-to-face fellowship and more time than ever in 'fellowship' with the social media mob—has made the problem worse. What can church leaders do about this?" - 9 Marks

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Want to Fix Social Media? Lose the Anonymity.

"the problem of regulating speech when a service hosts hundreds of millions of users.... is a problem that is impossible to fix to anyone’s satisfaction. Moderate too many comments, and you will be accused of canceling' one side or the other. Moderate too few comments, and congressmen and women end up cowering behind their desks as self-described shamans in Viking helmets storm the Capitol." - The Dispatch

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Half of Gen Z Feel Bad About the Amount of Time Spent on Screens

"While it’s no surprise that Gen Z may be more engaged with their screens than previous generations, exactly what is an appropriate amount of screen time? Many experts in the medical, mental health and education fields recommend using screens less often and for shorter periods of time—and Gen Z, it seems, are inclined to agree with this advice." - Barna

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Is It Ever Permissible for a Christian to Refuse Medical Treatment?

Video: "Today, we have many medical advances that enable us to prolong our lives. Are Christians responsible to take advantage of these technologies? Is it ever permissible to refuse them? From one of our live events, R.C. Sproul reflects on these difficult questions." - Ligonier

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