Lifeway embraces future of work with upcoming move to new ‘teaming space’

"Mandrell said employees will continue to work remotely the majority of the time and will come to the building for collaborative work. With Lifeway’s work-from-anywhere culture, he said they decided to forgo a traditional office-space model" - BPNews

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Technology: “there are always negative effects created along with positives.”

"To paraphrase Italian philosopher Paul Virilio, when you invent the ship, you also invent the shipwreck (insert train, car, plane, rockets, electricity, etc.). In other words, there are always negative effects created along with positives. It’s never either/or. It’s both/and." - Acton

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“Technoshamanism”: Why a Post-christian Future Is Still Religious

"Visitors are welcomed by quotations from French artist Lucile Olympe Haut’s 'Cyberwitches Manifesto,' which urges readers to, among other things, 'use smartphones and tarot cards to connect to spirits' and 'manufacture D.I.Y. devices to listen to invisible worlds.'" - Breakpoint

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