“Last night I experienced a first on social media. A person claiming to follow Jesus Christ questioned my salvation.”

"It doesn’t bother me that someone who doesn’t know me would make such a ridiculous claim regarding my faith. The incident, however, did make me think of how many times Christians have hurt the cause of Christ on social media. ...Allow me to suggest a few tips that might be helpful for ministering effectively online:" - Tim McKnight

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Can a virtual reality church be "as legitimate as gathering in person"?

"DJ Soto began preaching in the world of virtual reality (VR) in 2016. He is the founder and bishop of Virtual Reality Church, a church that is intended to be radically inclusive and consistent with Christianity’s long history of adapting to new forms of media." - C.Leaders

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The Simulation Hypothesis: A Materialist Spirituality?

"The notion that we are all self-aware software trapped inside computer-generated virtual reality first gained academic credibility in a 2003 paper published by Oxford philosopher and futurist Nick Bostrom. . . . One of the appeals of simulation theory, [Rothman] thinks, is that it 'gives atheists a way to talk about spirituality,' or something like it. It offers 'a source of awe.'" - Breakpoint

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Breaking off the engagement: what the ad-peddling model that dominates the internet is doing to us

"When platforms make their livings by harvesting and selling our attention, they achieve that by shoving unsolicited junk into our minds, while we obediently scroll down and down and down." - Chris Best

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A Radical Goal for Social Media: Posting Peace

" many other good things in life, social media can become distorted and twisted, which is one of Bursch’s points: 'The social-media platforms we create are not just connecting us—they’re changing us. They’re changing how we view reality, understand relationships, process conflicts, and abide with each other'" - TGC

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Child safety advocates urge Facebook to cancel launch of Instagram for kids under 13

"A cohort of advocates under the banner of the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood are urging Facebook to cancel its plans to launch a version of Instagram designed for pre-teens, highlighting the social ills and perils of overuse of digital technology." - C.Post

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The Fading Dream of the Computer Brain

"'They showed you a simulation of some neural activity inside this. Suppose it looked different; how would you know that that was wrong or right?' Sitting behind the camera, I replied, 'Well, I wouldn't know.' Seung reiterated: 'Right, how would anybody know what was a wrong activity pattern or right activity pattern?'" - Scientific American

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Wycliffe Associates develops technology to protect Bible translations in remote regions

"Each kit, worth $2,500, provides access to all the Bible translation software a language group needs, along with a built-in satellite internet connection. When one language group receives a BTAK and translates the Scriptures into their own heart language, they pass along what they’ve learned to other language groups in their region, according to Wycliffe." - C.Post

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