2 Email Scams Your Church Should Guard Against

"The first scam directs emails at church staff. In it, 'the pastor' requests the recipient to send funds or gift cards with PINs....The second scam is worse because it targets congregants. Seeming to be from “the pastor” or a trusted church leader, congregants are asked to wire funds or send gift cards with PINs." - Church Leaders

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Beware the Technological Imperative: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

"When I think of ministries and organizations and their technology support needs, I often question if we are supporting things we should support or supporting things we shouldn’t even be attempting. My computer can support up to 12 monitors, does that mean I should, or I should add that support load to someone else so I can have 12 monitors?" - Church Leaders

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Should social media companies be treated like publishers and broadcasters?

"A large newspaper can easily control their own writers and contributors. So, too, can a cable news channel or a network. But there is no practical way that a social media platform can exercise meaningful supervision over the material that billions of people could potentially share." - Acton

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