Kids leave church because the church is “relevant.”

"It’s not that our students 'got smarter' when they left home; rather, someone actually treated them as intelligent. Rather than dumbing down the message, the agnostics and atheists treat our youth as intelligent and challenge their intellect with “deep thoughts” of question and doubt." - C.Leaders

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The eighth generation church member and pastors’ suspicion of multi-generation church families

"I had been prepped to be wary of family-dominated churches, of people whose people had been in the church for multiple generations. It was an unwritten rule that many generations in a church was probably not healthy, that those people would reflexively side against their ‘outsider’ pastor. Bah, humbug. Bad advice." - SBCVoices

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Secularization and the Problem of Passing Faith on to the Next Generation

"Cameron Hilditch, a writer at National Review, reports on a study that gives an interesting take on the cause behind the declines, 'Secularization Caused by Government Control of Education.' The article is behind the NR paywall, so I will offer a few highlights." - Don Johnson

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Generational Humility, the Queen of Virtues for Both the Old and the Young

"The fact that there is a 'generation gap' within biblical fundamentalism should not be a surprise to anyone. This is what generations do: gap. The main issue is to determine the best way to bridge the gap. Humility must be exhibited by both the 'younger' as well as the 'older'" - P&D

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The Most Pivotal Age to Keep Young Adults in Church

"After their sweet sixteenth birthday 73% of eventual church dropouts attend regularly, compared to 79% of those who stayed in church. By 17, the divide grows (64% of dropouts are attending versus 78% on non-dropouts). At 18, less than half of those who drop out are regularly attending (48%)" - Lifeway

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Why the Church Is Losing the Next Generation

"I started to wonder whether religion itself—or at least the kind of Christianity that showed up in the slogans all around me—might really be about something else: southern culture or politics. If so, I thought, that would mean that Jesus is not the Way, the Truth, and the Life, but a means to an end. And that would mean that the gospel is not 'You must be born again,' but 'You must be one of us.'" - Russel Moore

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