SharperIron Financial Update

Though SharperIron is not organized as a nonprofit, it has never earned a profit. The site basically broke even in 2008, but it had some debt before that. And, so far, 2009 has accumulated a deficit. Though deficit spending seems to be the “in” thing these days, I’d like SI to operate on wiser principles!

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Writing Contest Winners

The winners of our first-ever SharperIron writing contest have been chosen!

They are John P. Davis for “My Journey Out of Dispensationalism” and Paul J. Scharf for “Why I Am a Dispensationalist.” These contestants will receive prize checks in the mail shortly and their articles will be published here in sequence within a few weeks.

We much appreciate everyone who participated. Several of the other contest entries will be appearing here at SI in the weeks ahead.

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Welcome to SI 3.0!

Congratulations! You’ve made it to SharperIron 3.0.

You’ll have to create a new account for yourself unless you’re one of those I’ve notified that your account has already been created. Please understand that the unusually high volume of new registrations means that it’ll take a while for some of you to get approved.

This version of “3.0” is not quite what we had planned. I’ll spare you all the details of what went wrong. 

The short version is that the tools for moving data from SI 2.0 to 3.0 seemed effective in testing, but proved to be a problem when it came time for the real thing. Database corruption resulted and this caused a great deal of strain on the server.

 For various reasons, it was also not possible to go back to 2.0 after moving half way to the new system. Didn’t plan on burning any bridges, but discovered they’d gotten burnt anyway.

OK, the really short version is that the migraton was a total disaster.

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SharperIron Writing Contest

contest.JPGSharperIron is always looking for good writers, and we’re especially interested right now in good new writers. Accordingly, we’ve launched our first, hopefully semiannual (twice-a-year), writing contest. Here’s how it works. Participants write articles from a conservative, biblical, fundamental point of view and send them to us via The articles should be 1,200 to 1,600 words long (multi-part series are welcome).

They may address any topic, but we’re particularly interested in the following questions.

1. Is the idea that “all truth is God’s truth” true?

2. Why are you a dispensationalist after taking a long hard look at the alternatives?

3. Why do you prefer an alternative after taking a long, hard look at dispensationalism?

4. What are the biggest challenges facing Christian parents today?

5. What social or cultural trend do you believe Christians are especially in need of thinking about biblically?

Contestants may submit multiple articles. Long-time contributors to SharperIron are also welcome to participate.

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Writing Contest News Flash

contest.JPGSharperIron’s writing context opportunity is being expanded.

Due to the extreme business of this time of year for students and their families, and also due to the demands of the transition to SharperIron 3.0, we’re extending the contest deadline by thirty days to June 20.

In addition, the contest is now open to submissions on any topic that might be of interest and help to our readers. The original contest announcement has been edited to reflect the new deadline and other details. Read all about it here.

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