About Those Contest Winners

Our 2010 Writing Contest ended over a month ago. So some of you are probably wondering, when will the winners be announced? Well, this is not that announcement! 

But it’s coming soon. Several excellent articles were submitted this year, and we’ve already posted a few of them. Our panel of volunteer judges is slowly narrowing the choices down to three winners. We should have the decision nailed down in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, our thanks to all of you who contributed pieces for the contest this year.

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Event Bloggers Wanted

SharperIron is looking for volunteers to blog several events of importance to Fundamentalists this summer and fall.

  • The FBF annual event June 15-17 (Westminster, CO)
  • The GARBC annual event* June 21-25 (Schaumburg, IL)
  • The Expositor’s Conference Sept. 13-14 (Fremont, CA)
  • The ACCC annual event Oct. 19-21 (Hanover, PA)

SI has resources to help with some of the expenses involved.
If you’re interested, please use the contact form (category: “Writing for SI”)


* We’ve got the GARBC event covered but would welcome some additional help.

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Survey Says . . .

The 2009-2010 SI Reader Survey ended a few months ago. Much of the data confirmed what we already pretty much knew. But there are some surprises, too. What follows includes a sampling of both the expected and the surprising. For those who would like to look at the results in detail, the attached files provide a summary as well as several “crosstab” reports which group results under various headings.

The survey was divided into three major sections, which we loosely labeled Demographics, SharperIron and Views. 704 people took the survey; 643 of these completed it. While this is a smaller sample than I’d hoped, it’s large enough to be interesting.


A little over half of those who took the survey were SI members, with the other two quarters divided about evenly between readers who were once members (but did not re-register in June of 2009 when the site migrated to new software), and readers who have never been been members.

Though it’s difficult to be sure how well that ratio reflects the SI readership as a whole, it’s certainly clear that we have a significant percentage of readers who are not members.

About a third of survey participants said they had been reading SI since it was launched in 2005.

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2009-2010 SharperIron Survey Ends in Just a Few Weeks

If you haven’t yet completed the SharperIron Survey, there’s still time … but not very much!

Whether you’re a member, regular reader, or just a once in a while visitor, we’d like to know about you and hear your views about SI and key issues of interest to Fundamentalists. Take a few minutes now and tell us what you think. (The survey is anonymous.)

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