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Turnover Rate Rising for Christian College Presidents

"...nine presidents of institutions associated with the Council for Christian Colleges the Universities... have already announced they are leaving in 2021. Fourteen CCCU schools appointed new presidents in 2020, continuing an upward trend in turnover rates. Thirteen left in 2019 and 11 in 2018" - CToday

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Priesthood of All Professors? Court to Consider ‘Ministerial Exception’ for Gordon College

Gordon College "is arguing that faculty are not covered by anti-discrimination protections in federal employment law, because professors are ministers and the Supreme Court has held there is a 'ministerial exception' to those protections." - CToday

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Dr. Matthew Davis Announced as New Chief Executive Officer of Maranatha Baptist Univ.

"Dr. Marriott explained that his current position – combining both roles of president and CEO – would now be divided into two positions. As president, his primary focus will be providing spiritual leadership, promoting the university, and overseeing chapel. As CEO, Dr. Davis will oversee the complexity of the day-to-day workings of the school including academics, accreditation, and general decision making." - MBU Blog

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“Fuller Seminary’s recent win is worth celebrating. But the legal rights of faith-based schools are still at risk.”

"In Maxon v. Fuller Theological Seminary, a federal court ruled in favor of religious liberty and in so doing enabled the school’s unique Christ-centered mission. The case involved the ability of religious institutions to set admissions standards according to their sincere beliefs." - C.Today

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Northern California: Bethel Church Responds After Large Outbreak Of Covid-19

"Officials have stated that 123 of the Covid-19 cases reported in Shasta County in the past fortnight are linked to Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, Bethel’s Bible college, which sees students from all over the world move to the isolated town to study under Bethel’s ministry." - MCD

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Joe Rigney Is President-Elect of Bethlehem College & Seminary

"I’m grateful to God for President Tim Tomlinson’s faithful leadership as our school’s first president. Here are seven reasons I’m grateful that our trustees selected Joe Rigney to serve as our school’s second president..." - Andy Naselli

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AEI report: Graduates of Protestant schools most likely to have intact marriages, fewer divorces

"AEI’s Institute for Family Studies examined data from the Understanding America Study from 2015 and 2016, as well as the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, first conducted in 1997. They compiled their findings in a report titled 'The Protestant Family Ethic: What Do Protestant, Catholic, Private, and Public Schooling Have to Do with Marriage, Divorce, and Non-Marital Childbearing?'" - C.Post

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