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Talk: The State of the Evangelical Mind on Christian College Campuses

Dr. Myron Hougton Retires After Distinguished Teaching Career

"Dr. Houghton began his teaching ministry in 1971 at Denver Baptist Bible College and at FBBC in 1983. Once the seminary opened in 1986, “Dr. Myron,” as he is known, became chairman of the theology department and has been the only person to serve in that position during the seminary’s 32-year history." - RBPress

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Where Is Moody Bible Institute Headed?

Folks have asked me what I thought about the changes going on at my alma mater, Moody Bible Institute. It took me quite a while to process my response, so here it is.

I am very proud to have graduated from the Moody Bible Institute. In recent months, the school has been rocked with a change in administration. Unlike many requested resignations, the president of Moody did not resign because of moral or financial scandal.

Although even alumni don’t have a full picture, it seems that the resignation of the president and several other higher-ups was more about leadership style, communication (or lack thereof), and circumventing accepted procedures and standards. To put it simply, these matters needed to be addressed, but were a far cry from the scandals that typically rock churches and institutions.

Most folks, when viewing these things from the outside, do not have the advantage of understanding the big picture over a long period of time. Since I graduated from Moody in 1979 (and Marylu with a Masters of Religious Studies, a one year course for college grads, in 1980)—and since our son graduated from Moody in 2011—I have the advantage of knowing how Moody used to be in contrast to how it is now. I also have the advantage of knowing how today’s young Christian adults differ from yesteryear’s.

Moody has always had some professors that could be labeled “fundamentalist,” while others could be labeled “new evangelical.” The majority is probably in between the two, what might be called “old evangelical.”

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Fuller Seminary to Leave Pasadena Campus. A challenging new landscape for Christian graduate education forces major moves

Students’ survey highlights censorship of Christian college newspapers

John Piper Ignites Debate for Saying Only Men Should Teach at Seminaries

"The issue is not whether women should attend seminary in one of its programs and get the best biblical grounding possible," noted Piper. "The issue is whether women should be models, mentors, and teachers for those preparing for a role that is biblically designed for spiritual men." CPost 

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Seminaries Reflect Struggles of Mainline Churches - Storied institutions are shutting their doors as enrollment shrinks