"Christendom no longer has a metaphysical dream"

The enigmatic Dissidens:
“…(F)or there to be understanding between people there has to be a shared ‘metaphysical dream’, a common set of ideas on which to base our judgments, a test for the truth of all of our claims. If that shared understanding does not exist, one cannot share the gospel, not at a soccer game and not at a church, not casually and not formally.

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Come into My Heart, Lord Jesus??? A Plea for Biblical Accuracy in Child Evangelism

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Into my heart, into my heart,
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.
Come in today; come in to stay.
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.

Harry Clarke, Welsh song leader for Evangelist Billy Sunday, wrote these words in 1924. Who hasn’t heard these words sung at the end of an evangelistic challenge? I’m still amazed that many Christians still sing the lyrics after they already know the Lord.

The language of “asking Jesus into one’s heart” is part of a soul winner’s basic vocabulary, at least in my experience. It is firmly entrenched, it seems, especially in children’s ministries today. Consider this recommended prayer for children given by one church:

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