Religious Liberty

The Case for Religious Liberty Is More Compelling than the Case for Christian Power

"[W]hy has liberty increased even as white Christian power decreased? One key reason is that the argument for liberty is far more compelling than the argument for power. A case for expanded religious liberty fits snugly within the post-Jim Crow American narrative of an accelerating process of correcting past American wrongs and extending the blessings of liberty to every member of the American community." - David French

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Report: “More Christian refugees were welcomed from 50 worst persecutors in 2016 than in President Trump's first three years combined”

"So far in 2020, the US has resettled fewer than 950 Christians from the 50 countries where it is hardest to be a Christian, according to Open Doors’s annual World Watch List. At this rate, the US will receive 90-percent fewer Christian refugees this year than five years ago." - CToday

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Supreme Court expands protections for religious schools from nondiscrimination laws

"The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that religious schools are allowed to fire religion teachers for any reason they wish, a major expansion of protections for religious institutions against nondiscrimination laws." - W. Examiner

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This is Why Singing and Chanting Are Banned in CA Churches Right Now

"The order, issued on July 1, includes sanitation guidelines for church buildings, suggests shortened services, and temporarily prohibits items that move among congregants, such as offering plates. Churches aren’t the sole focus of the order, with venues such as bars, restaurants, theaters, and museums being shuttered for at least three weeks." - C.Leaders

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The True Extent of Religious Liberty in America, Explained

"I’m going to outline the key federal statutory and constitutional protections for religious liberty and religious Americans that exist now, today, after Bostock and why I believe that, if anything, many of these protections are more likely to be extended, not restricted, in the coming days and weeks. So, here goes:" - David French

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