Religious Liberty

Federal Court Allows Continuation of Lawsuit to Require City of Boston to Fly Christian Flag

"At issue is the city’s practice of allowing third-party groups to request that their flag temporarily fly on a flag pole alongside the American and Massachusetts state flags outside Boston’s City Hall. The requests are typically made in conjunction with an organization’s event on city property . . . the city’s Mayor, citing concerns of church-state separation, refused a request from . .

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Federal appeals court rules Philadelphia can refuse Catholic foster agency service for anti-LGBT policy

"The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled Monday that the city of Philadelphia can exclude a Catholic foster care agency form its placement program for its refusal to work with same-sex couples." - Jurist

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Proposal to ban many public employees from wearing religious symbols fuels fiery debate in Quebec

The measure "would prohibit civil servants, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, lawyers and other people who interact with the public from wearing religious symbols while at work. It would apply to Sikh turbans, Christian jewelry and Jewish kippahs, but the focus of the controversy has been over hijabs worn by many Muslim women in Quebec." - Fox

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