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What the Psalter Should Teach Us about the Songs We Sing

"...if the Psalter is indeed a hymnal for God’s people, then shouldn’t we also make sure that our own singing covers both the full breadth of Christian doctrine and the full range of human emotion? Our singing should consist of more than pithy praise choruses. We need to sing songs that boldly proclaim all the truths contained in God’s Word." - 9 Marks

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Review – Spurgeon’s Own Hymn Book

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This is a review of the new edition of Spurgeon’s Own Hymn Book. It is “A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public, Social, and Private Worship.”

The book is published by Christian Focus Publications. It was originally compiled by Charles Haddon Spurgeon for use at the Metropolitan Tabernacle; edited by Chris Fenner and Matt Boswell; Foreword by Tom Nettles (Hardcover 451 pages).

I recall telling someone once that I couldn’t get into the Psalms as much as I should. God is sovereign and within a few weeks that changed. There was also a time when I couldn’t read Spurgeon much. Now I find him very comforting. In fact in a previous post I told the story about how my German Shepherd left me a lasting message using Spurgeon’s book At the Master’s Feet, just before he passed away. I rather think that God orchestrated the incident … and that He has a gracious sense of humor.

Rosaria Butterfield wrote,

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Do We Really Need to Keep Singing Hymns?

"Everyone thinks they have something to say and will scratch and claw to build a platform to say it. Another bestselling author can rise in the time it takes to froth a Latte. And they’re gone before you finish your cup. Rich, thoughtful, timeless truths are so hard to come by. How do we cut through the fog? Give me something ancient. Something that has stood the test of time. I want some of that." - Church Leaders

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Churches Say Worship Wars Are Over, But Most Still Use Pianos and Hymnals

"A new study from LifeWay Research found 15% of Protestant pastors in the U.S. say the biggest challenge they face in the area of music is navigating the varying preferences of members. A similar number of pastors say their most significant challenge is leading people to truly worship God (16%). More pastors say they struggle with finding musicians and vocalists (21%)." - Facts & Trends

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‘Greatest hymn’? Sacred song enthusiasts vote in ‘madness’ tournament

"The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada decided to use the tournament as a way to draw attention to the music that fills church sanctuaries every weekend. Its contest, where enthusiasts have voted since May on its website and on Facebook." - RNS

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Four questions for assessing whether a song, book, etc. should be used in ministry

“Over the years at Watermark we have examined countless songs for clarity, from ‘Away in a Manger’ to ‘Reckless Love.’ We constantly ask ourselves questions like, ‘Is it accurate to describe God’s love as ‘overwhelming, never-ending, and reckless?’” - TGC

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