ACLU state director resigns over biology-based gender beliefs

"In announcing her resignation, Maya Dillard Smith called for civil discourse on the issue of competing civil liberties. A frightening encounter she and two of her daughters had in a women’s restroom with three persons 'who were obviously men' forced her to study more deeply the intersection of civil rights and public safety." World

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Massachusetts House passes transgender bill

"House Bill 4253 ...provides that those who identify as transgender shall not be subject to discrimination in such public places as hospitals and restaurants, and will allow those who are transgender to use the rest- and locker-rooms of the gender with which they identify." Jurist

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McCrory seeks changes to NC restroom bill

"Executive Order 93 affirmed most of the provisions of HB2, including one that protects public establishments from being forced to allow biological males and females to have access to restrooms and locker rooms of the gender with which they identify. But . . ."  WORLD

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