Sexual Ethics

The Sexual Revolution and "the Kids Aren't Fine."

"Children, in particular, are the subjects of this social experimentation....If the early days of the sexual revolution were about being free from the confines of sexual morality, these latter days are about being free from the confines of sexual reality." - Breakpoint

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Yes, a cardinal with strong Pope Francis ties said church doctrines on LGBTQ issues are wrong

"I believe that the sociological and scientific foundation of this doctrine is no longer correct. It is time for a fundamental revision of Church teaching, and the way in which Pope Francis has spoken of homosexuality could lead to a change in doctrine." - Get Religion

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Pastor teaches resisting vs. eliminating same-sex attraction: accused of heresy

Pastor Tom Buck of First Baptist Church Lindale, Texas "takes issue with how Shaw explains navigating same-sex attraction and has called on Sam Allberry and The Gospel Coalition (TGC) not to support Shaw any longer." - C.Leaders

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Protecting Institutional Religious Freedom – Part 2: On “Fairness for All” legislation (HR1440)

"While defending Fairness for All, Carlson-Thies emphasized that it does not involve holding that LGBT inclination or behavior is righteous, but is only a way for a deeply divided nation to live together peacefully." - Juicy Ecumenism

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Religious freedom scholars divided on 'Fairness for All' LGBT rights bill

"In a Wednesday panel discussion hosted by the Religious Freedom Institute titled 'Institutional Religious Freedom: Exploring Contemporary Policy Challenges,' scholars Stanley Carlson-Thies and David Trimble debated the merits and pitfalls of the Fairness for All Act." - CPost

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Christian women's shelter won't be forced to admit trans-identified males, federal judge rules

"... a federal judge ruled this week that the city of Anchorage, Alaska’s nondiscrimination ordinance barring LGBT discrimination does not force a Christian battered women’s shelter to admit trans-identified biological males." - CPost

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