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ERLC joins defense of religious liberty for nation’s oldest Jewish university

"The ERLC and a collection of nine Baptist, evangelical, Catholic or Mormon institutions filed a friend-of-the-court brief Sept. 2 that asked the high court to block enforcement of a state court’s order that required Yeshiva University to recognize officially a gay and transgender student group." - C.Index

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Book Review – BJU and Me: Queer Voices from the World’s Most Christian University

It is not often that Pride Month and Fundamentalism converge, but such was the case with the official June release of Lance Weldy’s (1990s BJU) BJU and Me: Queer Voices from the World’s Most Christian University, published by The University of Georgia Press.

I worked with Lance at the Mack Library at Bob Jones University. He was always a gay sort of fellow (in the traditional sense of the word), a hard worker, and extremely friendly — the quintessential nice guy. That’s what makes him either an effective or dangerous (depending on your viewpoint) representative of the LGBT+ movement. In his book, he “showcases a queer community from an unexpected place – fundamentalist circles.” (14)

One subject the editor and his contributors deal with is the “Clobber Passages” — six Bible passages “that have been traditionally used to prove that homosexuality is a sin.” (9) They want us to believe that the Scriptures which condemn homosexuality are few and misinterpreted. Towards the end of the book, Lance offers a weak rebuttal of the Clobber Passages from “three queer BJU graduates.” (313, 314)

The 19 testimonies in this book are well-written and easy-to-read. This review cannot possibly examine all of the details, so if you want to know “the rest of the story,” you will have to read the book.

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