Ministry Training

What to Look for in a Seminary

In The Nick of TimeBible colleges exist to train Christian workers. Seminaries exist to equip Christian leaders. If you want to be a good deacon, Sunday school teacher, or youth leader, then Bible college is adequate. If you want to be an effective pastor, missionary, church planter, or preacher, then seminary is very important. True, some men can minister well without attending seminary, but even they would be more effective if they had. For most, seminary preparation is the difference between failure and success.

Baptist Fundamentalism has produced several decent seminaries. This abundance is a tremendous blessing, because it means that the churches do not have to rely upon only one or two institutions. If you are trying to decide which seminary to attend, however, it presents you with a difficult choice. On top of that, any number of non-fundamentalist seminaries would be happy to enroll you as a student. How can you choose?

The whole purpose of a seminary is to prepare Christian leaders, and this task can be performed only by people who are themselves committed to Christianity. No Christian should ever choose to prepare for ministry in an institution that tolerates apostasy. This criterion rules out most of the older and more prestigious seminaries and divinity schools.

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