Ministry Sexual Abuse

SBC Executive Committee Releases List of Alleged and Convicted Sex Abusers

"In a statement about the list’s publication, the EC writes: 'Our prayer is that the survivors of these heinous acts find hope and healing, and that churches will utilize this list proactively to protect and care for the most vulnerable among us.'" - C.Leaders

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Report shows SBC Executive Committee pattern of resistance to addressing abuse claims

"Months of work by the Sexual Abuse Task Force and Guidepost Solutions concerning the alleged mishandling of sexual abuse claims by the SBC Executive Committee (EC) resulted in a 288-page report released publicly Sunday" - BPNews

The Guidepost Report

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SBC's Sexual Abuse Task Force releases final update before report

“Pursuant to the Messenger’s Motion, Guidepost must submit its report to the Task Force no later than 30-days prior to the SBC Convention in Anaheim, which begins on June 14, 2022. Thus, the report is due to the Task Force on May 15, 2022” - BPNews

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