Former Southwestern Seminary professor Matt Queen indicted

“A former Southern Baptist seminary professor and interim provost has been indicted on a charge of obstructing justice in a sexual misconduct case, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday (May 21).” - RNS


  • DOJ Issues First Indictment in Southern Baptist Investigation - Christianity Today
  • Former interim provost Matt Queen charged by DOJ with one count of falsification of records - Baptist Press


OK, reading the article, approximate sequence of events:

  1. The Paige Patterson debacle and/or other investigations apparently led the FBI to put SWBTS under surveillance, meaning all Title IX reports had to go to the FBI.
  2. New case in 2022, but not provided to FBI.
  3. Looks like the FBI believes this was done intentionally.

Long and short of it; if your educational institution receives federal money, you need to take Title IX reports like sexual misconduct allegations and investigations very seriously. You can't have, as appeared to be the case during the Patterson debacle, documents going to the wife of your head of security that really ought to have been kept in your Title IX compliance office. It may be that SWBTS could learn a very expensive, very horrendous lesson in this.

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