San Diego: Victim of a “workplace Bible pest” is awarded a large payout

"In his complaint, Johnson alleged Beale began leading 'prayer sessions' in her new role as Deputy Director and urged her employees to attend church. During a subsequent performance review, Beale allegedly cautioned Johnson that he should start reading his Bible" - Patheos

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SWBTS responds to sexual abuse lawsuit

SWBTS President "Greenway responded to a personal injury lawsuit that alleges "Jane Roe" was forcibly raped at gunpoint on at least three occasions from October 2014 through April 2015 by a fellow student with an extensive criminal history who also was employed as an SWBTS plumber." - BPNews

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Americans like to sue. But many evangelicals believe that they should turn first to Jesus, not the bar

An Argument to Turn to Jesus Before the Bar

“In all my travels around the church in America, I rarely hear of people applying the teachings of Jesus or Paul to put church members on trial,” Mr. Jones said. “But when I do, it’s inevitably in a very conservative and controlling church. They’re the modern-day Pharisees.”

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