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An Evaluation of the Work of Charles Surrett on the New King James Version

"I’ve had several brief correspondences with Surrett, and in each case he has been gracious, clear, and straightforward (Ambassador students who have mentioned him to me always speak of him with respect). He has made key distinctions between his viewpoint and a truly KJV-Only viewpoint. To him, the text is the issue. God promised a “certain” text (Prov 22:20–21 and other verses), and the TR is it." - Mark Ward

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KJV-Only People Are KJVAsking the Same Questions I Am about the Readability of the KJV

"The UK’s Trinitarian Bible Society is one of the most serious and sober KJV-Only organizations active today.... Recently, TBS published an article that was actually written shortly before the release of my book" - Mark Ward

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Baptists and the American Standard Version of the Bible

Posted with permission from As I See It, which is available free by writing to the editor at dkutilek@gmail.com.

The American Standard Version (ASV) of the Bible was published in 1901. It is occasionally referred to in writings of that era as the American Revised Version (ARV), or even, the American edition of the English Revised Version (ERV). This latter designation gives some indication of its pedigree. When the revision committee for the English Revised Version was organized in 1870 by the Church of England (the same religious body behind the King James Version), a sister advisory committee of Biblical scholars in America came into existence.

Unlike the King James Version committee, which was composed of only Anglican scholars, the Revised Version committees included scholars from other non-Catholic denominations, including several Baptists. Serving on the English committee were Baptist scholars Joseph Angus, Benjamin Davies and F. W. Gotch, while on the American committee were T. J. Conant, Horatio Hackett, Howard Osgood and A. C. Kendrick. The ERV Bible was published in 1885, while the ASV, delayed by contract with the English Revisers, was issued in 1901.

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Graciously Engaging a KJV-Only Believer: The Story of God’s Grace in One Soul

"I had a theory: these were regenerated but misguided people I was dealing with, and the bold and frankly nasty claims they were making on their signs about our alleged apostasy were things they would not be able to say if they sat across a table from me." - Mark Ward

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