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Did Evangelical Snowflakes Censor the Bible? (vs. Salon story on ESV)

"I carefully read not only the Salon interview but also the scholarly article in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion which gave rise to it. In what follows, I will pretty freely mix the academic article and the popularizing Salon interview." - Mark Ward

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Review: The Inclusive Language Debate by D.A. Carson

"Carson is so evenhanded. He is a complementarian who nonetheless takes an unpopular position among his fellow conservatives. He critiques the work of friends and former students graciously but clearly. He also is willing to side with the critics on individual rendering choices in specific passages." - Mark Ward

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Do we need a $300 limited edition “art-inspired Good Publishing NIV Bible”?

"But so-called 'premium' Bibles aren’t new. And while they may not carry the same steep price tag, a number of new and traditional Bible publishers are stressing the beauty of an old-fashioned book and the experience of slowing down to read at a time when so much of life is lived online." - C.Today

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New American Standard Bible 2020 Update

"The NASB 2020 is an important update because it utilizes advances in biblical scholarship over the past 25 years and it incorporates changes necessary to keep pace with the ever evolving English language. This refreshed text is designed to speak accurately and clearly to current and future generations." - Lockman Foundation

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