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Ministry & COVID-19 Roundup

Here's a collection of some of the latest (at this moment) COVID-19 related news and views, mostly from Christian sources. 

Christian perspectives... 

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5 Examples of Pastoral Letters About the Coronavirus

"The coronavirus outbreak has led to public gatherings being canceled across the country, and church leaders are trying to figure out what to do. What information should you put in your pastoral letter to your congregation? Should you keep holding services? What does it mean for your church to love your neighbors well during this time?" -  Church Leaders

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Is Social Distancing a Christ-Like Response to Covid-19?

"[H]ow can we practically serve God during this season dominated by Covid-19? Three main ways: 1. Diligently praise God for His sovereignty. 2. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, do not give in to fear. 3. By God’s grace, serve those in our communities who are the most at risk of being adversely affected by Covid-19." - John Ellis

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