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A Look at Evidence for Mask Effectiveness vs. COVID-19

(Note: CDC does not recommend masks for children under age 2.)

Curiosity might kill cats but it’s a really good thing in humans. We could all use more of it. I offer the following to the masks-vs-COVID curious. My view on both mask use and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) use—along with most other COVID-related questions—has been that being dogmatic isn’t appropriate either way.

That said, my overall impression of the evidence continues to be that masks are very likely somewhat helpful and HCQ very likely isn’t. This post focuses on masks.

Types of Evidence

Evidence comes in many forms. Here I’ll look at these categories:

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COVID-19 and the Limits of Science

"The problem Etzioni says, isn’t the modeling team—which she believes is doing it’s best to 'deliver results that match the data and produce ever-more-complex predictions about the future.' Rather, it’s the way the information is communicated. Including 'acknowledging your model’s limitations and uncertainties.' Which she says 'is never front and center in the IHME’s updates.'" - The Bulwark

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