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Do you have faith? How COVID has affected religion and other beliefs

"...only 10 percent of British adults said their faith grew stronger as a result of the pandemic. In Japan, only 5 percent say religion came to play a stronger role in their lives.... Nearly three-in-ten Americans (28 percent) report stronger personal faith because of the pandemic" - The Hill

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Six Types of Churches That Have Died During the Pandemic

"These six types of churches are described categorically, but the categories are not mutually exclusive. Many of these deceased churches fit most, if not all, of the categories. We have spoken with the leadership of these churches. The conversations were sad but enlightening." - Thom Rainer

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Pew research: More fathers satisfied with time spent with their kids in pandemic

"46% of fathers reported spending “the right amount” of time with their kids. This marks a 10-percentage-point increase from 2017.... 48% of fathers surveyed last October said they spend 'too little' time with their kids. That figure is down significantly from 63% in 2017." - CPost

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BJU Today: Q&A about COVID-19 - Is COVID-19 real and is it that serious? Are we not giving in to too much fear as Christians? Can we trust the new vaccines?

"...for believers to use protective measures is not an indicator of fear but of wisdom. Using an umbrella when it’s raining or a coat when it’s cold doesn’t mean that you do not believe that our Lord can heal pneumonia." - BJUToday

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3 Bioethical Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

"The COVID-19 vaccine, so far, has been shown to be 94–95 percent effective, with side effects that go away within a few days. Still, 50 percent of white evangelicals and 59 percent of black Protestants say they won’t get it, while the majority of the US population overall (60%) says they will, according to the latest Pew Research Center survey." - CToday

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