“Coronavirus” is actually a category of viruses, sort of like “Poodle” is a category of dogs. The virus popularly known as “coronavirus” is more precisely known as SARS-CoV-2 (though also referred to as 2019-ncov, for “2019 Novel Coronavirus”) and is in the coronavirus family. One of the best sources of information on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19 is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The interactive data map from Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (verified safe link) is also a great source of visualized data, close to “real time.”

Probably the best COVID-19 information in Canada.

Keep an eye out as well for Coronavirus Scams.


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The coming wave of “deaths of despair” among white, isolated, unemployed men

"There’s no single reason for deaths of despair, but three significant causes reflect both what we observe in communities where these deaths are rising and what Scripture tells us about human nature. All three causes will be intensified by this pandemic." - CToday

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Pastor’s wife is Manager of Infectious Disease and COVID-19 protective equipment innovator

"Kitty co-leads weekly Wednesday Facebook Live seminars alongside Dr. Robert Pryor, a local internal medicine practitioner (and my Sunday school teacher). These seminars offer updates and medical insights on the coronavirus spread and trends within our region." - CPost

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Updates on religious liberty lawsuits over stay-at-home orders

"Needless to say, this is an area that is fast-moving. And, it’s clear that courts are dealing with a variety of constitutional concerns, as well as public health orders that take radically different approaches. In some cases, local governments have reached agreements or clarified positions in a way that address plaintiffs’ concerns." - BJC 

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Churches nationwide make plans for soft reopening with fewer attendees, sanitation stations

One church "said it will only allow 10 people at a time for Sunday worship, and will start a new service every hour." - CPost

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“No longer on the periphery, conspiracy theories have been weaponized in what is already an intensely politicized and polarized American culture.”

"Unfortunately, conspiracy theories play upon our fear by supplying a more powerful emotion: rage. Fear can so quickly morph into anger because it provides an object: they are to blame, they caused this, they deserve retribution. There will always be a willing audience for people to scapegoat." - CToday

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This Is a Good Time to Bolster Your Theology of Suffering

If you’ve been reading the economic news, you’ve been seeing the same things I have. Much of the forecasting is dire, and the numbers right now are beyond disturbing.1  There’s a wide range of predictions, and even the best-case scenarios aren’t fun to think about.

Like many of you, I’m more afraid of poverty than I am of COVID-19. This could be temporary. Nobody close to me has developed the disease. People close to me have lost their jobs.

This fear doesn’t make me less supportive of government rules aimed at slowing the disease, though. I don’t believe there ever was a non-catastrophic path through this. It was going to be a disaster, no matter what, and better decisions here and there would only have made it a slightly smaller disaster.2

So we have entered a time of suffering, and it might get a lot worse before it gets better. What that means for me is that I need to stir myself up by way of reminder (2 Pet. 1:13, 3:1). Maybe some of you will find these meditations helpful too.

Uncertainties and certainties

The platitude says fear of the unknown is the worst fear. I’m not so sure. Some things I fear only because they are known. I’ve experienced them before and dread going there again. Being unemployed is one of them.

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