Church Reopening

Concerns Pastors Have About Their Church Gathering Again

" fear is a member [or] a visitor being someone connected to the contact tracing, and the blame falling to the church"....“I am concerned that when the second wave comes and the authorities need us to close church back down, the conflict and strife will be worse than it is now in the arguments over reopening" .... "My concern as we move to indoor services is for our older, at-risk members. They are among our most faithfully engaged members and will be there when the doors are open.

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What Should I Do With Those Who Are Unable or Unwilling to Attend Church When We Start Gathering?

"The reasons someone might not want to attend church gatherings vary greatly and our pastoral response will be directed to such reasons. ...For example, there are big differences between the one who is fearful to return, the one who is immuno-compromised, and the one who simply wants to stay home and watch a live-stream because it’s more convenient." - 9 Marks

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Georgia church closes two weeks after reopening as families come down with coronavirus

"A Georgia church that reopened after shutting down due to the coronavirus has axed in-person services again in what they describe as 'an effort of extreme caution' as several of their families have become infected by the deadly disease." - CPost

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“What Will Ministry in a Post-Covid World Look Like?”

"I think there will be people who are there week one a church is back open, but also people will stay home and continue to watch online. Not only because of ease but also because of fear. And while some will say there shouldn’t be fear, there is. The job of the leader is not to wish a new reality, but to face reality and lead through it." - CL

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4 Surprising Things I Learned from Surveying My Church‘s Views on Re-Entry

"1. Most people were nervous about coming back to church. About a quarter of those who answered said they were ready to rush back the very first day....3. They don’t want to be in full rooms. They don’t even want them half full. ..while we may want to try to fill the room to at least 50% capacity, they would rather keep it a little lighter." - F&T

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No, the superspreader choir in Washington doesn't prove church is dangerous

"...even with precautions taken, 75% of this choir got sick.... at least one of the 61 singers was 'known to be symptomatic,' according to the CDC. Second of all, it was a really long rehearsal. They were in a couple of rooms for 2 1/2 hours. They shared food. They stacked folding chairs together. And they did not sit 6 feet apart." - W.Examiner

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