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Study: Regular Bible Readers Experienced More Stress in 2020, But Also More Hope

"Every measure of anxiety increased a bit between June 2020 and January 2021 in the study. Christians who regularly turn to the Bible were not immune. ... 'A strong relationship to the Bible often coexists with—and could even be compelled by—the hardships of life.'" - C.Today

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Bible-engaged Americans more hopeful, despite suffering trauma and heartache: report

"The third chapter of American Bible Society’s State of the Bible report released this week reveals that those who read Scripture have more hope than those who are less engaged, and shows how the Bible brings healing to people who are suffering." - ABS

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Barna Research: The U.S. Cities Most Committed to Weekly Bible-Reading & Prayer

"City data taken from Barna’s annual tracking research reveals that the top-ranked city for Bible-reading—Monroe, LA—roughly doubles the national percentage of participation, with 64 percent of the city’s residents saying they read the Bible at least weekly. Other markets that report regular Bible-reading are in close proximity, with the top five being located in the South." - Barna

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Millions more Americans turned to Scripture during pandemic, study suggests

"Over an estimated 10 million more Americans turned to the Bible in the past year than in years past, as one in four adults reported reading the Bible more frequently during the pandemic compared to last year, the American Bible Society’s 2021 State of the Bible report suggests." - C.Post

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Research: “There are profound differences between people who engage the Scriptures at least four times a week and those who engage with Scripture less often.”

"Integral to these findings is that people who engage the Bible one to three days a week indicate basically the same effect on their personal lives as those who do not engage at all. The deceptive reality is that they can feel good about their activities without any sustainable results." -  LifeWay

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