2016 Election

Five things to know about David French

"Bloomberg and other media outlets began reporting that the mystery candidate in question is David French, a National Review staff writer who graduated from Harvard Law School, earned a Bronze Star in the Iraq War, and has worked for both Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). By late Tuesday, French was trending as the second most popular topic on Twitter."

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National Review Writer David French 'Planning for' Independent Presidential Bid?

"The 'impressive' 'independent candidate' that #NeverTrump leader and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol touted as having a "real chance" to win the presidency has been identified as National Review writer and Iraq War veteran David French, who is now believed to be planning for a presidential run."

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Will Ben Sasse provide conservatives and Christians with someone to vote for in November?

"What Sasse is selling these customers is the kind of conservatism that defined the Tea Party before Trump demonstrated that, for many of these voters, attitude beats ideology or policy." Will Ben Sasse Challenge Trump?

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Trump or Hillary? How Can a Christian Vote? Remembering Where We Live