Stand on Christmas - James Knox

I was wanting to understand what James Knox believes about Christmas.  I know I've "heard" some input from several sources but I would like to hear it from him directly.

I've looked on their website and Googled but have yet to find what I need.

Does anybody have a link to an audio message of James Knox preaching on Christmas?

Does anybody have a link to a book James Knox published preaching on Christmas?

If anybody has another idea, I' greatly appreciate your input.




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James Knox?  John "the Scottish Reformer" Knox, I know.  But James ????

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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I've contacted them before on another subject.  Didn't receive a clear answer.


You are correct in that I should try to contact them first.  I have done that just now.

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And why should I know of him?  To me, he's just one more voice from east of Denver.

SteveInKansas wrote:

Pastor of THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand, Florida.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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I'm sure not everybody on this forum knows of him.  But I was figuring that there were enough on here aware of him and his stand on Christmas to point me a direction.

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They emailed me back:

    "There is a a series called Happy Holidays, and it would fall under the X-mas files section of that series."


Thanks to SI's assistance.

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I have listened to one (of at least 3 sermons) on Christmas. This first sermon mainly dealt with how Santa Clause is a counterfeit of Jesus Christ and we should not go along with the lies about Santa Clause.


I agree with what I heard based on what I've seen in the Bible.