Chromebook- moving to the cloud

Quote: Google power your next notebook?

The search engine giant this week released its answer to Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh: The first Chromebooks, stripped-down notebooks running the Google Chrome operating system -- a radical computing rethinking that require Web access for the complete experience...

Google's new OS assumes you’re always in your browser -- which is the access point for most of your files anyway, right? Web pages, e-mails, documents on Google Docs, photos stored at Flickr, video chats, streaming music from Pandora ... most of what you do is online, isn't it? Skip the traditional desktop and save time, simplicity and memory, Google argues.

Because it doesn’t load a bunch of background stuff, Chrome OS boots almost instantly. Chrome OS boots in 7 seconds or less -- significantly faster than the traditional operating systems from Microsoft and Apple.

I'm starting to love this idea.

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