What is your opinion of the Masons and its auxiliary groups?

I was talking to a pastor friend about the Masons and its groups, and we both agreed that Christians who were involved in that seemed less involved in the church, and, in our experience, never theologically deep.  But our experience is limited.

Many people, from John R. Rice to John Ankerberg have taken strong stands against the Masons and lodges in general.   My main concern has been displacement of the Biblical with the quasi-refligious/social and their seeming but cloaked belief that salvation is by works and not by faith in Christ alone.

I would never forbid a believer from joining our church who was a member of the Masons or its auxilaries, but if I were discipling someone, I would advise against it and discouarage them from further involvement.

In time, the issue will probably completely disappear; these organizations are only a fraction of what they used to be.  In a couple of decades, they will probably cease to exist.

In the past, this issue split churches (the United Brethren split, the group allowing Masons to become church members called themselves the Evangellcial United Brethren,  a group that merged with the Methodists in the 1960's to become the United Methodists).

Still, it is a current issue for some. What is your view?  Comments welcome.  Also, distinction and viewpoints about differing organizations are welcome (Elks, Moose, Eagles, Oddfellows, VFW, etc.) are welcome and encouraged.  These groups are not all the same.

I think Mason membership and church membership are completely incompatible and a matter of basic separation.
52% (12 votes)
While not ideal, Masons should be accepted into church membership upon profession of faith, but they usually do not grow deep.
17% (4 votes)
Masons should be welcomed into church membership and are not, as a group, more theologically shallow.
0% (0 votes)
Masons often make the best church members and often become theologically deep.
0% (0 votes)
30% (7 votes)
Total votes: 23
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Aren't the Masons keepers of the great treasure buried somewhere in the American colonies by the founding fathers? I'm OK with them as long as they tithe. Smile
Apparently, everything I know about Masons comes from Nicholas Cage movies.

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is buried beneath the Trinity Church at Heere Street and Wall Street... in New Your City.


Or maybe that was a movie???