How Is Your Church Faring in Attendance and Finances during the COVID thing?

 A lot of church growth is wrongly measured by the three B's, according to my dear friend Nord Zootman:  Bucks, Bodies, and Buildings.  It is possible to grow the Kingdom without numerically or financially growing a local church, and spiritual growth can be tough to reduce to statistics.

This poll is focusing upon "bodies and bucks."   How are your church's finances and attendance doing?  We will count online attendance for those of you who meet in person but also stream online, and for those only streaming, we will use that number.  

How would you describe your church's situation with Bodies and Bucks?

We are actually growing in number (bodies) and finances (bucks).
19% (4 votes)
We are growing in one regard, holding steady or declining in another of the "B's."
10% (2 votes)
We are holding fairly steady, perhaps up or down a little, but not a lot.
48% (10 votes)
We are noticeably down in one or both areas, but can easily adjust.
14% (3 votes)
We are significantly down, but have no concern about surviving.
5% (1 vote)
We are on the edge and quite concerned.
0% (0 votes)
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 21
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This coming year will be the first time in perhaps 10 years this congregation hasn't had to cut its budget. We're taking in 104% of our projected income. We can now add things for the first time in a long time. Last year, I told the congregation at our annual meeting that I thought the bleeding was over. Perhaps I'm a prophet, after all ...

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and an Investigations Manager with a Washington State agency. He's the author of the book What's It Mean to Be a Baptist?