Have your book habits changed over the past decade or two?

With the popularity of kindle becoming a major player  over a dozen years ago (and e-books in general) and with the preponderance of programs and services like Logos and website commentaries, etc., have you book purchases been significantly altered?

Feel free to comment on the resources you do use, buy, or subscribe to.

I buy about as many (or even more) hard copy books as ever.
26% (5 votes)
I still buy a lot of paper books, but not as many.
21% (4 votes)
I buy significantly fewer books than I once did.
37% (7 votes)
I only occasionally buy a physical book.
11% (2 votes)
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 19
477 reads

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josh p's picture

When I want to read a book I first check audible (rarely available but great when it is). Then logos, next kindle, and finally a hard copy. My home library is too big already for my small house so I want to limit it as much as possible. 

pvawter's picture

It all depends on why I want the book. If it just looks like an interesting read, I may search for it in my interlibrary loan system. If I want to own it, I almost always buy it in print, and only purchase ebooks when I have no other good options. Not only do I enjoy holding a copy in my hands, but I am leery of spending money on DRMs rather than on books. Amazon has shown a willingness to change book content at the author's request, and that makes me nervous about the integrity of any ebooks that do not land on the "right side of history."

Limited library space is an issue, so I have started giving away books that were helpful to me, but I do not intend to use for reference. Thankfully, there are still a few of us who read print books. :-)