Have "security breaches" like Target, Anthem, etc., ever affected you?

Anthem insures millions of people, include me!  People in another country now probably have my date of birth, SS number, and who know what else.

On another occasion, I got a call from my charge company wanting to verify purchases; sure enough, someone had lifted my number.

Has sensitive information about you (like the above) been compromised?

This is an opportunity to share advice or lessons learned, and/or to project where this will lead. 



Yes! I have been a victim of identity theft!
14% (3 votes)
Yes, I have had serious trouble with this.
0% (0 votes)
Yes, I have, but the problems were quickly rectified.
29% (6 votes)
Yes, I have had info stolen, but have seen no consequences at this point.
24% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
33% (7 votes)
No, and I do no business online nor over the phone.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 21
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I am the global Vice President of Enterprise Business Analytics at a Fortune 500 company.  And I can tell you that privacy of your information is an illusion.  The types of data that companies can buy from other companies even astounds me.  In addition, most people would be shocked if they knew who was collecting data on your personal information.

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Jim, how much do those two services (MyFico and Experian) cost?

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I went with 'no,' but the more accurate answer would be "Not as far as I know yet." 

I have also experienced identity theft but it had nothing to do with security breaches. Just a "being stupid online" breach (a site linked to PayPal for their downloadable app, but in reality it redirected to a phishing site on the way. They did "sell" me the software, but also apparently sold a couple of id's and passwords to a third party who quickly got busy on ebay using my PayPal account. This was years ago. I walked away impressed w/PayPal. They caught it before I did and called me to say my account had been locked down due to suspicious activity...   like Rolex watch and used car purchase suspicious. So that was fun. I did not end up being liable for any of that.... but also didn't get the watch or the car!)


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Jim wrote:

I think they are each about $ 40 per year


The FICO one looked to be almost $30 per month.

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