Do you usually take a vacation away from home?

It won't be long until summer is over for many folks -- esp. those who children attend public school. In Kokomo, Indiana, school starts August 3.

Growing up, the best times of my life were on vacations, when we went (we did not go every year). I loved the woods and living in a cabin in a different state, escaping the hustle and bustle of the Chicago area.

Even though our kids grew up in a small city, we enjoying renting a cabin at the state parks.  On other occasions, we went to different locations, including one trip to Disney World.

Now, with a a daughter and son-in-law half way across the country, we save our vacation time to visit them.  The wife and I hope to be able to visit a state park sometime, though not necessarily during summer break.

So what about you?


Yes, we usually do, often more than one week.
34% (10 votes)
Yes, we usually do, a week or perhaps less.
28% (8 votes)
Some years yes, some no.
17% (5 votes)
Rarely or occasionally.
7% (2 votes)
Not often or never.
14% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 29
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I have never been on a vacation in my entire life. My parents never left WV after I was born.

As an adult, I've visited family, attended reunions, taken the kids to Washington DC for a couple of days. None of these IMO qualify as a vacation.

A vacation for me, however, doesn't rely on location. If someone would just lock me in a room full of books for a week and slide Quarter Pounders with Cheese under the door at regular intervals, I'd be happy.