Do you think the transgender locker room/bathroom trend will be reversed?

As the consequences of people declaring themselves the opposite gender and using this to gain entry to showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, and athletic teams -- become obvious, will the trend to allow this continue or be modified?  Will local, state, and federal governments begin to show concern for protecting the rights of the mainstream people who will feel violated?

Yes, I think a few traumatic stories will mean things will be modified to protect the mainstream people.
0% (0 votes)
Yes, somewhat, though not enough.
17% (3 votes)
Unsure. Could go either way.
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No, it will stay like it is becoming.
33% (6 votes)
No, it will get worse with public nudity even accepted.
44% (8 votes)
6% (1 vote)
Total votes: 18
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Had to go 'other' on this one. What I think what will happen is that some kind of reality-based compromise will end up dominating eventually. It may take a long time, or not, but the dangers of letting folks use whatever restroom they feel like they belong in will eventually lead to policy modifications in some places.... but where policy doesn't change, architecture will.

What practically minded local governments--who are stuck with the output of ideologues up the chain of command--will eventually do is build restrooms that practically contain restrooms or some similar structural approach. So each "stall" is its own safe space. So also with the whole locker room insanity.

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Pretty much agree with Aaron here.  I live in the land of HB2, and regardless of the loud complaints being heard all over the press, there really is no major movement to repeal it, even though there are a few strident voices.  There have been plenty of opinion pieces written that talk about exactly what Aaron is describing -- changing bathroom stalls to be 100% enclosed, redesigning locker rooms, and in those places like gas stations that have two single-use restrooms, just modifying the signs to mark each for both.  That latter is probably happening all over NC, as it is cheap and an easy way for the business owner to avoid controversy.

Dave Barnhart