Do you think it is likely we will return to lockdown before Thanksgiving?

Things vary from state to state, but do you anticipate the recent COVID surge will mean more/most states will experience  another lockdown for our churches?  We are aware that some areas have never stopped locking down, but we are talking about states that had a lockdwon at one time and then lifted it.



Please opine if you wish.

Yes, I think it is likely we are heading to a lockdown.
14% (3 votes)
Perhaps we are heading toward a lockdown.
0% (0 votes)
Undecided/ on the fence.
10% (2 votes)
Unlikely that we will have another lockdown.
48% (10 votes)
No way. At least, not in my state.
24% (5 votes)
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 21
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We are in South Dakota.  Covid-19 is real, but it is not the apocalypse some make it out to be.   We have not locked down yet.  Our economy and mental health is much better than so much of the rest of the country.  In spite of the lack of lockdown I do not know of anyone personally who has died.  I do however know someone who knows someone who died.  

Over 600k people die every year in the USA from cancer.  Just over 200K died from Covid-19.  My dad died of cancer when he was only 57.  I am 48.  I do not live in constant fear of cancer and will not live in constant fear of Covid.  It is time that we as Christians stop trying to scare people over Covid.  If you are sick, stay home.  I don't care if it is Covid or the flu.  Flu kills people too.  If you are not sick, get on with life.

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JD, Well said.  I wish we had taken the same approach in my state as well.  It's certainly the way I approach this, and "not being fearful" is a good description of how I personally behave any time it's not required by law to do otherwise.

Dave Barnhart