Do you sense you are less motivated (or less ambitious) since the Pandemic?

For many, the Pandemic quarantine provided a break from the routine, a slowdown (but not for all).  In the secular world, more people are retiring early since the Pandemic, and, although the worker shortage was perhaps brewing before the pandemic, the quarantine intensified it.  More people are concerned about smelling the roses and less concerned about making a name for themselves.  

It could be that something similar but not identical has happened to Christians in leadership or Christians in the workplace.  Maybe this good. Many church leaders are workaholics and need to take time to smell the roses.  Others may cross a threshold from balance to apathy.

This pole is not going to differentiate between a good slowdown (toward balance) and a bad slowdown (toward apathy).  It is simply asking whether you have slowed down, for better or worse.  You may want to remain anonymous.

The assumption is that all voters are faithful in their core duties.

Yes, I am definitely not as motivated.
22% (2 votes)
Yes, I sense I am a little less motivated.
22% (2 votes)
Yes, I had slowed down but have now returned to pre-Pandemic busyness or more.
11% (1 vote)
No, I have not slowed down that I know of.
33% (3 votes)
No, I did not slow down and am more energized than ever.
0% (0 votes)
11% (1 vote)
Total votes: 9
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