Do you or your church do anything special for Good Friday?

A chance to share ideas or views about commemorating Good Friday

Yes, we do and we consider it especially meaningful
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Yes, we do
15% (3 votes)
Some years
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65% (13 votes)
No, I think it is unwise or contrarty to Scripture to do so
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I am among those who esteem "all days alike" (Romans 14:5), but I have always found it meaningful to contemplate Calvary on Good Friday in perhaps a deeper way than I would during a communion service.  Our church offers a Good Friday service with lots of Scripture Reading, congregational songs around the cross, specials, and a time of quiet contemplation before self-directed communion.  We instruct others that this is the one time of year in which we have a solemn service, and it is richly meaningful precisely because it is unique for us (more is not always better).

Before we had this service, our family would eat leg of lamb for dinner, read a few Scriptures about Jesus being the lamb, do our gentile passover with the three matzohs, and partake of family communion.  We did both for a while, while the kids were at home.

Although I personally do not even want to hear the word "lent" in a Bible Christian's vocabulary (too Romish for me), the idea of Good Friday makes sense because it is remember an actual Biblical event of primary importance.

What are your thoughts?


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