Do you embrace the national revival paradigm for ministry?

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Not everyone accepts that the Old Testament “revivals” were all that deep, and many do not accept that they are a model for the church (or the present form of the Kingdom). Some look at the subject of “revival” as more of a national thing, when believers experience a time of special commitment and lost people embrace Judeo-Christian morality.

Others think that the revival paradigm is not the way the kingdom generally is built or reaches maturity. Although few doubt that there have been some great “awakenings,” only some embrace the idea that we should pray to this end or try to make this happen. Instead, we are to make disciples and live the life, encouraging believers to be fervent or zealous, thus gradually influencing society perhaps, but not expecting a sudden or great movement of the Spirit.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you pray or not pray (typically) for revival? Is this concept something wrongly applied from Israel’s history? Please share your thoughts.

Also, please approximate if not answer sees exactly right; if it is at least in the ballpark, please choose that option rather than other (a last resort). You can easily explain your approximation when you comment.

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Do you embrace the national revival paradigm for ministry?

Yes, I think we should diligently pray for national revival. Votes: 2
Other Votes: 0
Yes, we should pray for national revival, but focus upon individual transformation. Votes: 4
Yes and no. We can focus our prayers on God reviving his children, so that believers walk the walk, not primarily the nation. Votes: 4
No, the whole revival concept is based on American history and not a proper understanding of the Bible Votes: 4
No, it’s judgment time; too late for revival Votes: 0
No for reasons not stated Votes: 1
So-so. We need to pray for our country to become peaceful toward us, which is not necessarily the same as “revival” Votes: 0
Unsure Votes: 0

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I don’t think revival is a national issue in NT times as it was under the unique situation with Israel. I also don’t think the current structure of the traveling evangelist holding revival meetings in the church is a biblical pattern.

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?