Do You Agree With John MacArthur's Stance about government restrictions on gatherings due to COVID?

John MacArthur surprises me, and, frankly, I was disappointed about his stance about submitting to governing authority.  What is your view?

Plenty of room for discussion, I am sure!

You can read an evaluation by Tyler R here on SI:

Julie Roy has an article here:


Whatever our view, I think most of us hold Dr. MacArthur in highest esteem; some of us (myself included) view him as perhaps the leading spokesman for "people like us."

But even among big fans, most of us disagree with MacArthur here and there.  For me, this is such an occasion. But what about you?  Do you agree with the stand he has taken?

Yes, I strongly agree.
11% (3 votes)
I agree mostly.
14% (4 votes)
I am uncertain as to what I think about this.
14% (4 votes)
No, I disagree, but I don't condemn his/their choice.
36% (10 votes)
No, I strongly disagree.
21% (6 votes)
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 28
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