Are you planning to boycott or reduce viewing/attending Pro-football games?

This is probably one of those polls that might not interest our international participants, but all are welcome to vote and comment.  Comments from folks who are not in or from the USA can be especially enlightening.

A lot of people -- from a variety of belief systems -- are unhappy about professional football players who refuse to respect the flag.  The president and others have suggested a boycott of the sport.

Do you have an opinion about this?

I am not a football fan, so a boycott or non-boycott look the same.  

Your comments are appreciated.

As for me, being an American, I think professional athletes are paid obscene amounts of money for what they do, so this kind of behavior is a last straw.  But I have no stakes in this matter, because there is not personal price to pay.

On the other hand, as a Christian, I do not think this is too much of an issue.  As long as we believers are respectful, it probably doesn't matter what unbelievers do in this regard.

This question assumes nothing new will change the equation.  Understood in your answer is the idea "as things now appear."

I am not a fan of the sport, so a boycott would be meaningless.
43% (13 votes)
I will probably boycott some or all games/teams or cut back.
7% (2 votes)
I am thinking but have not arrived at even a tentative decision yet.
7% (2 votes)
If things get worse, I might.
0% (0 votes)
No, probably not or definitely not.
33% (10 votes)
10% (3 votes)
Total votes: 30
755 reads

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Bert Perry's picture

....but when Cialis started advertising and they changed the TV format, I decided to stop.  Haven't really missed it.  

The National Anthem is not that big of a deal to me, since I really don't see the need for a moment of homage to the state before each game.  Quite frankly, it comes closer to "make an offering to the emperor" than I'd like as well. 

TylerR's picture

I don't even know how football is played or scored. No joke.

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Jim Welch's picture

I stopped watching last season after the CK protests began.  I believe that players have the right to protest; and I have the right to stop buying their product.  Really, I don't miss it.

Greg Long's picture

I think the protests are misguided, but it hasn't impacted my viewing habits at all--I still watch.

BTW, there's talk the NFL might mandate that players stand for the national anthem, will those who stopped watching start back up again if this takes effect?

Greg Long, Ed.D. (SBTS)

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pvawter's picture

I voted "other" because my interest in the NFL has waned over the past several years and I've made less of an effort to watch the games. The protests are mostly stupid imo, and they illustrate the massive ignorance of many. Still, they can stand or kneel without causing any personal harm to me, so I just can't get worked up about it.

Bert Perry's picture

TylerR wrote:

I don't even know how football is played or scored. No joke.

You don't need to learn anytime soon--the U.S. team was knocked out of World Cup qualification yesterday.  Unless, of course, you've got a friend from Everton who invites you to come see the Toffees play.  But he'll likely explain it to you.  

Darren Mc's picture

My interest in the NFL went from slightly waning to absolute zero when the Rams left St. Louis. That makes two teams that have left in my lifetime. Not going to get burned again.

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