The recent Catholic move to "bless" same sex marriages: what does it mean?

So where is this going to lead? Is this a first step toward abandoning the Biblical concept of marriage, of male and female? Or is it mere a P.R. concession to calm the outcries of the social engineers? Share your thoughts.

The recent Catholic move to bless same sex couples (who claim to be celibate) is creating tensions, but what does it mean?

Nothing more than a P.R. move that will change little.
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The early stage of a slippery slope toward officiating same sex marriages in the fuller sense of marraige.
29% (2 votes)
The above plus a test to see how far the church can go in eliminating the concept of absolute gender, transgenderism, etc.
29% (2 votes)
43% (3 votes)
Total votes: 7


The RCC has adapted itself to a host of different religious cultures on different continents. Syncretism is in its DNA, and I have confidence that it will absorb key elements of the dominant western religion of individualism and self-actualization quite effectively.