Attack on Bachman: Media confuses Minnesota Summit Project with Summit Ministries "...main stream media attacks on Michele Bachmann have intensified. Some have even taken aim at Summit Ministries, which is a place where... Michele has sent several of her children for Biblical worldview instruction."

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of this article-
#1- lack of fact checking in the media-

A recent attack piece appeared on the CNN website, which criticized Michele Bachman for serving on the Summit Ministries Board of Directors. Unfortunately, the writer of the piece did not check her facts sufficiently, if she checked them at all. Michele Bachmann sits on the board of a Minnesota Summit Project that is wholly unrelated to Summit Ministries in Colorado.

and #2- info about Summit Oxford-

Summit is a serious academic camp that brings in serious speakers with strong academic resumes. Examples include Professors Francis Beckwith, J.P. Moreland, and Norman Geisler. Additional programs - especially the Summit Oxford study abroad program - show that the ministry’s commitment to serious intellectual inquiry extends far beyond its two-week summer academic camps.

The Summit Oxford Study Centre is an educational program combining the unique worldview approach of Summit Ministries with the academic strengths of Oxford University. Summit Oxford students have a chance to study with Oxford tutors. These are not lectures but concentrated and personalized tutorials with world-class scholars. Summit Oxford students study a wide range of topics including literature, law, politics, philosophy, and theology.